The seasons of life

Well I hate it when it is extremely hot in the summer and apparently I hate the extreme cold too! This winter has been a cold one and it’s killing my running. Yes I have had a few great runs but lately I am just tired. It is hard to breathe and I just feel heavy from all the layers of clothing. I have officially hit the winter blues. It’s affecting me physically and mentally.

Instead of being negative though I am trying to stay positive and before I know it the weather will improve outside and in my head. Unfortunately I have a half marathon this weekend and I really don’t know how I will do. Running in this frigid cold has my asthma flared up and I really don’t feel 100%. So I am actually going to rest this week and focus on strength training inside. I am excited about the race and will be happy with whatever time, my goal is just to finish and have fun.

As I type this we have snow on the ground which is an oddity here in Alabama. I admire my friends that ran today and realize what a funk I am in. I absolutely have no desire to run. At all. I worry the love of running is fading slowly. You probably wonder why I am saying all this. I am suppose to encourage right? Well sometimes the encourager needs the encouragement. Also I type this to let others know it is OK to lose the thrill of something momentarily. But I’m not a quitter. And I’m not giving up. I just feel bad and am having a bad “season”. We can’t always be happy and it is good for us to feel other emotions. And we need to push through them. It makes us stronger. So this too shall pass. I don’t like the cold but the snow is beautiful and I was able to get an extra day home with my daughter. And that right there makes me extremely happy!

I will let you know how the half goes. And a plus is the temps will be almost hot Saturday for the run. I say bring it on! Remember to embrace all seasons of your life. It makes us stronger and is preparing us for greater things. 💕


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