A New Style

I started this blog a year ago to reach other runners and to hopefully encourage others that may have doubts about running. But while I love to talk about running I feel like I can reach more people by sharing more. I will still write about my adventures in running but I want to share more about my life and reach out in other ways to help encourage more readers.

This actually frightens me. It makes me feel more vulnerable and it exposes myself more but it is something I feel that I need to do. I want to be able to reach a broader group of people.

Running is my therapy. I get through things with the help of running. If you can’t relate to that then think of something you do that helps you get by. It doesn’t have to be a hobby that requires you running miles and miles at a time. We all have our things we enjoy. Maybe it is escaping in a book or a movie or maybe you love gardening or wood working. Whatever it may be, most of us have something we can escape in to get away from life for a moment. We can’t always hide from the troubles life can bring but it sure is nice to sneak away for a minute.

I ran my longest solo run this past week. I ran 12 miles in what I considered really cold weather. No it wasn’t as cold as some places but to me 28 degrees was brutal for two hours. It was quiet and I didn’t see another soul until mile 7. I only had my mind to keep me company. It was an interesting 12 miles to say the least. (I’m sure a couple of friends are making some funny remarks right now as they read this.) It was a time of reflection, a time of prayer, a time of sheer mental strength and of course a time of math lessons. You know the runner’s math, if I add this to the route that’s another mile, so if I do it there and back then that’s 2 miles added to the 5 miles on the regular route. So that’s 7. I’ll just have 5 left. Etc etc. Like I said it was interesting. But I did it. And my reward was sleeping in the next morning when the temps were in the teens.

But was getting to sleep in really my reward? Yes and no. My reward was how I felt after I finished. I ran 12 miles alone. No I’m not the only one that’s ever ran long solo. It won’t be my last time but it’s good to know I can do it. That I can stick with it. I had no one else out there motivating me to run except me. I could’ve stopped short of my goal. But it was a beautiful day and a beautiful run. I’ll even share a couple of photos I took of our local waterfall. The temps were brutal but I found beauty in even that.

I want the way I live my life to help others. Whether it’s through my stories of running. Or maybe just a bad day I had that maybe someone could relate with and realize we all have those days. Maybe just maybe I’ll make you laugh some. I don’t know but I want to try. As always I love feedback so please feel free to comment. I am excited to see what 2018 brings and excited to share it with you.

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