New Year

Well it is that time of the year again. Time to make changes and set some new goals. We all do it. And we all have great intentions. Some resolutions last a few months, some a few days, while others never happen at all.

I encourage at least one really realistic resolution this year. One that you can really stick with and accomplish. It can be a running goal, a financial goal, spiritual goal, it can be anything. I have so many that I want to do and I will write them all down but the main one that I want to focus on is to Embrace The Glorious Mess That I Am.

I saw this quote a few weeks ago on Instagram and loved it. I am a mess. We all are in our own ways. We all have things we struggle with and mine are my insecurities. They can be overwhelming and lately they have been my demons. But I have to know that I am who I am and while I am a mess, I am a glorious mess. I have the best family. Wonderful parents and a terrific daughter, a close group of running friends and co-workers. So while I have lost a few people in relationships this year, I need to focus on all the relationships I have gained. And if I can focus on this goal my life overall will be better, more rewarding.

Of course I have my running goals. I really want a sub 2 Half this year! I have a certain amount of miles I want to run. I also have other physical goals, financial goals and spiritual goals. But this year I will focus on Me! Because if I can love myself more I can be a better person to the people around me. And all my other goals will be easier.

So some reading this may be rolling their eyes. Maybe some will also try to do this. This goal will be the hardest goal I’ve ever set out to do. I think the sub 2 Half will be easier and right now that seems impossible. But I know if I am to be truly happy then I have to set this goal and do everything I can to accomplish it.

I wish each and everyone of you a wonderful New Year and I hope that you set some realistic goals and try to accomplish them. And please feel free to share what your goals are. I would love to hear them! And as always Happy Running!


  1. Yes – New Year,,,,new goals. Mine is to run off this gross bloat from eating too much 😦 Good luck with all your goals this coming year and I’ll look forward to keeping up with your accomplishments. 🙂


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