Why do you run?

I want to change things up a bit and try to get some of you to share your story with me. I want you to tell me why you run? What made you start running and what made you continue to run?

I was introduced to running at work actually about 4 years ago. A co-worker wanted to get a group up to do a local 5k for fallen police officers. I fell in love with running and the whole experience that would come along with this great adventure. I was able to do more than I ever though was physically possible and I have changed my life forever with a healthier lifestyle and friendships that will last forever.

So I encourage you to leave a comment and share your story. I love hearing about how others got started with running.

Thank you for making this blog so much fun! And as always Happy Running!


  1. My mother in law was diagnosed with breast cancer. We did the Susan Komen Race for the Cure. I told my husband one day I would come back and run that 5k. It was down the road a few years but I did run that race and numerous 5ks, 10ks and now half marathons.

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  2. In 2012, before my 45th birthday, I signed up with the American Cancer Society and train for my first half in Jan 2013, in memory of my Tia (Aunt) Tere who died 15 years before at the age of 45 from colon cancer. I said to myself why was I afraid? That I couldn’t do it, fail well, myTia couldn’t at 45 even if she wanted.

    I still train and have done several halves and 2 fulls. However, I do not consider myself a runner. I see runners loving the run, enjoying the experience. I do this because I suffer from anxiety and every time I go out, I struggle with it and for me it’s about not letting my anxiety win

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    • Sweetie you are a runner and a motivation to others. So many people run for therapy. I do this as well. I run to help with my anxieties and insecurities also. Keep running and be proud of yourself! You are strong! You are a fighter!


  3. Have always ran a little since my high school days, but only in the last year or so have I really started to enjoy it. I have a close friend who has stayed on me to run a little further than I was comfortable with – I always stayed in the mile to two mile range at the very most, and that was extending myself quite a bit. Once I worked my way up to 5k level my body started to feel quite a bit different and I noticed how much more I could do. I also dropped 15 pounds once I was doing that regularly, even though I ran in the past. Clearly not enough to have much physical benefit. I also run now to fight off stress and the effects of long term stress on my body. Thanks for sharing your story and encouraging readers to share theirs. Hats off to you.

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    • Thanks for sharing your story! Isn’t is wonderful to hear how others started running? Running is just as much mental as it is physical. It helps me so much to get through some weeks. It’s funny how I can work 9 hours on my feet but can’t wait to get off work and go for a run! Thanks again and happy running!

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