We all enjoy the feel of the start of a race. We all enjoy the end sometimes even more! It is such an adrenaline rush and we experience so many emotions, excitement, nervousness and sometimes even fear. It is why many of us run, to participate in the races. But have you ever volunteered to help at these races? If you have not, I highly recommend to volunteer for at least one race a year, if not more.

I love being on the other side of the race. Standing on the corner of an intersection watching everyone come by. I love to see the determination in the runners up front. They are so focused on the finish. They have their goals and they are doing everything they can to reach them. I admire their speed and focus. I love seeing the children running the races, so extremely proud of themselves. Their parent or guardian running along side of them cheering them on. Then there are the older generations that have ran their whole lives and will run till they no longer are able. And some of them may be new at running and want to show others that you are never too old to try something new. There are also the walkers that are proud that they are out there tackling the race. I get so excited and so proud to see each and every one of these people. They appreciate us being out there keeping them safe from the cars, handing out drinks and letting them see a smiling face and hearing words of encouragement.

It takes so many to make a race happen. My hat is off to those that volunteer to be solely in charge of a race. I don’t think I could ever do that. So thank you to those wonderful people! I have had the opportunity to help with two summers events this year and will be able to volunteer with a half marathon this fall. So I encourage you to find a race and reach out to the director and volunteer. Maybe even commit to that same race yearly. You will not regret it! So get out there and put a big smile on your face and get ready to cheer them on!

Happy Running and Happy Volunteering!


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  1. Hi Amy. Your words are spot on. I didn’t understand the pleasure of volunteering until I finally helped with an event. Now, I truly enjoy it and always have fun. It is a blessing to be an encouragement for others.

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