Today’s blog may actually venture away from the topic of running but we can still relate to it through our running. It’s the topic of expectations. I recently read a blog I saw someone share on Facebook about expectations and how it is harmful to our relationships. For example, marriage, friendships etc. We expect so much from others and honestly ourselves that we just end up hurt or frustrated. We can use this in our running goals as well. We have expectations in our mind about what we think we should do and how things should go. Yes, it is good to have goals. We need them to help us push ourselves to be the best we can be. But we don’t need to expect so much that we let ourselves down.

This is where I will veer off from running for a bit. This blog I read hit home so hard that I really wanted to share more about it. I personally find myself expecting way too much from others. Or maybe sometimes it really isn’t too much, but not everyone will do or act like we think they should.  It doesn’t make them bad really, just makes them human. I’m not writing this with any one person in mind but just situations in life I’ve dealt with. I’m not perfect, never have been and never will. And I am positive I’ve not met others expectations of me.

Expectation feeds frustration. It kills relationships. Expectations are you trying to control others.  You need them to act a certain way and be a certain way to make YOU happy. Yes people can and will let us down and disappoint. And we need to not expect too much. We are all fighting battles and we are all self involved with our own lives. And we sometimes forget to be what others may need. So at the end of day the only person we can get mad at is ourselves when someone didn’t “meet our expectation.” That is only us trying to control how another should act.

So while this blog was really far from the topic of running, I felt the need to share. And remember that we can expect too much from ourselves as well and that will definitely lead to frustration and sometimes even quitting before reaching our goals or dreams.

It is the end of week 7 of marathon training and to say we’ve reached our “expectations” at this point would be a lie. But we’ve still kicked butt! We’ve reached our goals and we still believe in ourselves and we will continue with a smile on our face. I hope this will help you on your journey and as always happy running!


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