Running partners on long runs

Today was our long run day, and we had 12 miles scheduled. We always set out to run at a comfortable pace but our goal is to just get time on our feet. We will set out to reach our mileage even if we have to walk some. When marathon training you need to be okay with the fact that not all long runs are going to go as planned. Anything can interfere basically. We all want a great run that we feel amazing during, but let’s just face it, that isn’t usually going to happen every time. Even the best runners experience it.

Today we had a great first 5 miles at a good slow and steady pace. But issues arose shortly after. Tummy problems can happen, nausea can happen and just fatigue can happen. We experienced most of those today. But we are stubborn and determined and knew we needed 12 miles, so 12 miles we did. We walked/ran the rest of the mileage and had good conversations and enjoyed the wildlife, like the turkeys we saw. We would have missed them had we been running. So there is always a positive side.

That is why I encourage a running partner, and for you to commit to staying together on the long runs. There will always be shorter runs you can run alone and focus on pace if you need to. But you need that encouragement and company on these long mileage runs. I am not saying it is imperative that you have a running partner. You can definitely do it alone. But I know it would make it so much harder for me if I did not have that extra motivation and accountability. And honestly it is safer as well. You may have a great day and your partner may not. But that is okay because trust me those tables will eventually turn. And some times all you need is that extra push from your partner to get you over whatever it is you are struggling with.

It will be a long, hot summer and we knew that when we signed up for this marathon. And we have to be okay with just okay runs. A mile is a mile whether we ran it or walked it. We are out there and we are focused on the goal. And we have to be smart and listen to our bodies. But we will be out there together and we will be able to celebrate together when all this hard work pays off. And that is exciting! I hope you have a great rest of the weekend and get out there and do some Happy Running!


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