Oh no, we didn’t run!

Well it finally happened! It rained us out of a run this week! The weather has been so hard to know what it is going to do lately.  Pop up storms almost everyday. And honestly we are extremely lucky to usually miss the rain and still get our runs in. Well Monday we had 6 miles of hill work scheduled and a big storm was coming. We will run in the rain but not lightening. We are crazy but not that crazy. So we all agreed to postpone the run until the next morning and just go and hang out for a while. And guess what? It didn’t kill us not to run.

My point is, your schedule will change. Don’t freak out over it and don’t lose sleep over it. Make a plan B if you can and go from there. We had a nice relaxing evening and a great dinner while it rained. We got in our 6 miles the next morning, but not as much hill work as we had planned but still tackled a major hill. Your schedule is there for you to follow and keep you accountable. I love having a day to day schedule. I know exactly what to expect and what to plan for. And I know mother nature has her own plans and we will do our best to work around her. My dear friend and running coach, Alex Godwin, also touched on this in a live video last night from our local brewery where we have our Tuesday and Thursday run. I will share the link here and encourage you to follow him. He shares some great points.

Tips for maintaining a routine

I am coming up at the end of week 5 of marathon training. Tomorrow is our long run and will tackle 12 miles. We do not focus so much on pace but just getting it done and enjoying it as much as possible.  Please always remember why you are doing this. We have our goals but we also need to keep our love for running. The heat is getting ridiculous and the humidity makes it so hard to breathe. But just put one foot in front of the other and be thankful. This will make you stronger! And remember to stay hydrated! Happy Running!


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