Heat, humidity and hills

Week 2 of marathon training started today. Which called for 5 miles of hill work. Well I live in Alabama and the heat and humidity have kicked in. It was a very warm 91 degrees at 5:30 pm, which is when we ran. Some decided to sit this one out. And as tempting as it would have been to just go home instead of running I decided along with a few others to go ahead and run. This is just the beginning of the grueling heat we will deal with during training. So we will just have to be smart and listen to our bodies. Stay hydrated and acclimate ours bodies to get through this summer of long runs.

We made it our 5 miles and we did ok. We had a consistent pace and took small water breaks. I feel better for doing it as well. We have a long way to go but I am very excited to make this journey again. But this time to be better prepared and stronger. And I love that our friends that are not doing the marathon will be right there with us this summer! Tomorrow calls for 4 miles at an easy pace. So bring on the heat and happy running!




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