Marathon training, ready or not!

If you’ve read my past blogs you know I’ve ran one marathon. And when I crossed the finish line the first words out of my mouth were “I am NEVER doing this again!” But guess what?? I signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon lottery and got in! So come October 22 I will be attempting my 2nd marathon.

Marathon training technically started this past week. We are doing a 20 week program that my sweet running buddy put together. And my hope is to take you along for the ride. I want to share the experience with you. The great runs, the not so great runs and of course any humor along the way. I hope to be better prepared for this marathon and remain injury free. My goal is anything under 5 hours but shooting for closer to 4:30. So emotions are already everywhere. I am excited and nervous. And I know it will not be easy. But I have a great friend that will be right there with me and a great group of runners to support us! So I hope you enjoy this journey and until next time, Happy Running!



  1. Yay for marathon training!!! Congrats on getting into the Marine Corps Marathon. I hear that is an amazing race to participate in!


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