A little personal…

I have struggled with whether or not to do this blog. It’s very personal and private but I feel the need to share. I wanted this blog to connect with people and hopefully help and encourage others to do what they love. I love running. And if you’re reading this you do as well or you care about me enough to support me and are curious about what I will write next. You don’t have to love running to read this blog. It’s ok to hate running and think I am crazy for doing so. Sometimes I even think I am crazy. So I wanted to get a little personal tonight.

I was not the popular child in school, not even close. I was not athletic at all. In fact I was the band geek for a few years, and I rocked the clarinet! But I despised school. Kids were cruel, friends were back stabbing and I just wanted to sit in the corner and not be noticed. Anxiety attacks kicked in when I was in high school and almost crippled me. There were no after school activities once I quit the band. I couldn’t graduate soon enough. But I made it through. Life has always seemed to be that way for me, just getting by sitting in the corner so I won’t get noticed. Friends have come and gone. But 4 years ago I discovered running. I ran alone for a while. As a matter of fact I was approached by someone who told me about a local running group and encouraged me to join. I just couldn’t bring myself to go and run with them.

Then one day I decided to reconnect with this person and ask if she wanted to meet and run one morning. Our run that was supposed to be just us turned in to me meeting the group she had told me about. I can’t even begin to describe how nervous I was. Here it is 6:30 AM still somewhat dark outside and I am meeting a bunch of people I don’t know to go run. I wasn’t fearful of them but fearful of maybe having to get out of my corner where I was comfortable. I met what is now my second family that day. And I can’t believe I didn’t go and run with them sooner. I truly believe I have met life long friends. Some I am closer to than others but they all hold a special place in my heart. For once I felt like I was accepted for who I was. I can’t say I do not still struggle occasionally with my insecurities and anxieties. But for the time I spend running with my sweet friends each week they are gone for those moments. And for that I am thankful. I love running and hope I am blessed for a very long time with the ability to run. And I am truly thankful for the people it has brought into my life.

If you are considering running or anything for that matter don’t let insecurities or anything else stop you. And if you are a solo runner I encourage you to look for a local running club you can join. The amount of support you will receive is amazing. I can’t say I would still be running if it wasn’t for my support I have from my running group. And for them I am thankful.  Happy Running.



  1. Thanks! This hit me “don’t let insecurities or anything else stop you.” Is so true… Never stop doing what you love. Keep Going and stay strong!


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