Overcoming setbacks

Today’s blog will be a bit more serious. I want to talk about setbacks. We have all dealt with them. Maybe it was an injury, which I have had plenty and will share that another day. Or maybe it is possibly a health issue you’ve always dealt with that may make running difficult. One of mine is asthma. It is something I’ve dealt with since I was around 6 years old.  I always assumed since I have asthma that I would never be able to run. So I didn’t start running until 4 years ago this fall.

Asthma does hold me back sometimes. It did today. I struggled more than usual and did have that rare asthma attack after running. But I held a 9:20 min mile average for 5.25 miles so even though I struggled I still succeeded more than I ever thought I could. And yes I had a wonderful friend there with me running. That always helps!

So please, never think you can’t do something just because you may have a “setback”. You’d be surprised at what you really can do. My lungs are stronger for it. My heart is stronger also, which has its own issues as well, which is also another story for another day. So please don’t doubt yourself. And never give up. It is not always easy but it’s worth it in the end. You are stronger than you think!



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