A very bad run

I have regretted not running but I have never regretted a run. I needed to start this blog with that statement. Because it is true for me, even after today.

Today was a 15k practice run for a race coming up next weekend. We’ve done it many times before. It is definitely not my favorite course, quite honestly I just don’t like it. But I enjoy the company of friends, so I tackle this course when we have a group run scheduled there. But today just started off bad.

During mile one a friend was bitten by a dog, mile 3 a mangy, juvenile coyote crossed the road in front of us, shortly after that it started raining. Of course I don’t even need to mention the 5,000 hills. Mile 6 my stomach started cramping and around mile 7.5 we decided to take a shortcut to knock off a mile. Well that didn’t go as planned and I felt like we kept hitting dead ends. We ended up with 9 miles and a lot of moaning and groaning and quite a few laughs due to delirium. It was a rotten run and quite frankly it just sucked. But in the wise words of one of the girls I ran with, “Just embrace the suck.” It was a bad run but I spent time with two amazing women, whom I love dearly. So embrace those sucky runs and be thankful to be out there!

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