So I wasn’t going to do a blog today but decided I should. The reason why I wasn’t going to do one today is because I have the nervous race jitters. But that is part of running. It can be a fun part of it because you get so excited and nervous anticipating race day. And my race tomorrow is just a 5K. I have done many 5Ks, closing in on 10 halfs and yes I can mark a full marathon off the bucket list. So why am I so nervous about a 5K? Because it truly pushes you in honestly a short amount of time. I have only 3.1 miles to PR. There really is no room for a mile that is slower than you really wanted. It is hard to make that up and get the time you want. I told you before I am a slightly above average runner. But definitely not that fast. So tomorrow makes me nervous. I have a goal in my mind that I hope to reach but I am not sure I will reach it. But like I have said before we have good runs and bad. What will tomorrow hold? I don’t know. So many factors can play a part. It depends on how my body feels. It is up to my body both mentally and physically. I will have a positive attitude and I will do my very best and in the end I will be proud either way. The main goal is just to cross the finish line. So I have struggled today whether or not to tell you my goal for tomorrow. If I don’t tell you then I don’t have to worry about saying I failed or didn’t make it. But that isn’t setting a very good example of happy running is it? And it sure isn’t being proud of my run no matter the end results. My current PR is 28:24 in an actual race. I have ran a sub 28 5K just on a training run. So I will focus on my actual race time. Will I obtain this goal? I really hope so. And if I don’t I may be disappointed but no matter what I will still be proud of myself. Until tomorrow, happy running!


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