Solo Running

Wednesdays are my solo runs. I mainly ran alone a few years ago, now I am spoiled by having others to run with. But our “alone” runs are so important. It is our time to reflect on life, to connect with ourselves and our running. After running with others these runs can be trying at times. There is no accountability, you can actually just skip the run and no one will care. This requires discipline, especially after being at work all day and your tired and you know you will have no one out there to chat with. I have yet to regret a run, but I have regretted not running. You are out there with just your thoughts and nature. We need to embrace these runs and cherish the fact that we are able to be out there running. I am an outdoors person anyways so I just enjoy seeing all the creatures that cross my path or see the trees in bloom or the river if I am lucky enough to be running near it.

And there are all the fun thoughts you can have in your head. You know you’ve done it! Well I have. You know that thought, the one where you imagine someone jumping out of the woods chasing you. Or you’ve screamed because a deer startled you or a squirrel almost trips you. Or the best thing is when that cycler sneaks up on you and says “On your left” and you literally jump 3 feet off the ground. These make for a good laugh and a good story. And lastly when you are imagining someone chasing you or think you hear something and turn around and see a truck on the actual trail you are running on. Yes they work the grounds and are suppose to be there but is it something you expect to see? No. Will it make you run very fast? Most definitely! I can tell a ton of stories but my point is you won’t have these silly stories if you “skip” that solo run. Running won’t always be fun, and it is rarely easy. But it is definitely worth it. It is the one way I can really see how much I am capable of. It is the one way I can let go of all my worries. Well maybe not the image of a scary scene of out a movie in my head when I am in the woods alone running. But it makes me smile at myself. And at the end of the run as I walk back to my car I may be exhausted, I may be nasty and out of breath. But I will NEVER regret it!! Happy Running!

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