The Trouble With Running, or at least for me…

So you love to run? You love running with others even more? It lets your hobby become a social time. But if you are like me then it also can become a problem. How you ask? Well I am a slightly above average runner. Which means I have a decent pace but not as fast as some. Especially some of the seasoned runners I run with. So I fight with my insecurities when one of those speedy runners choose to “slow” down and run with me. Do we have fun? Of course. But in my crazy mind I am pushing myself so hard to go faster so they do not have to slow down as much. I sometimes feel like I am just holding them back. I know others feel this way also especially when you first start running.

How do we get faster? We train. We work hard. We strength train. We also run with others better than us so they can gently nudge us faster or in some cases push us to our limits. So those speedy runners actually do enjoy helping a slower runner out like me. And they also enjoy a slower paced run for the social aspect of it as well. Am I the slowest runner? No. Do I have some runs that are just exhausting? Of course. We all do. Have we ran with others that needed to slow down or even walk? Yep. Did we mind? Not at all. Because we are all part of a team. A team that does not compete with each other but with ourselves. We are our own worst enemies and I learned I have to stop listening to the voice inside my head that says, “I bet they really are regretting running with you right now.” I run to relieve stress. It is my one go to in my life that I truly enjoy outside of spending time with my daughter. So why on earth do I want to make it stressful and over think it? Why would I think for one minute this running family I am a part of would not want to run with me or help me become stronger. But most of us have been there before. Even if it was just for one race where a friend said they would stay with you the whole time. They did not PR because of it but they had a blast anyways. Let’s be careful to not forget why we run. Get out there and do your best, enjoy each run and be happy that we are blessed to be healthy enough to run. Remember a 14 minute mile is the same distance as a 6 minute mile. Happy Running!


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