Trail Running

So I have one of my first real trail races coming up this weekend. I have ran two 5Ks before on the trails but this by far will be a test of skills and stamina. It is a 25K in Bank Head Forest. A few of us ran a preview run 2 weekends ago and it was about as hard as my first marathon which I will tell you about later.

We ran 9 miles of very muddy and hilly trails. I had four men and one other female to accompany me. I’m not fast on the trails but ok compared to some. So when we took off at a 10-11 min mile pace for the first 2 miles I really started asking myself why I decided to come preview this course with such fast people. People who I love dearly but can kick some major butt out on the trails. I had to just force myself one step at a time to keep up with the slowest runner, who isn’t slow but was staying behind for me. All the while making silly comments like, “I’m going to write a book called, The View From Behind, What it’s Like To Be The Slowest Runner.” I even suggested taking a selfie of the group at a waterfall but they must’ve not heard me cause they kept on running. It was overall a great experience especially at the end when we finished! I was exhausted, cold, muddy and had wet feet. But I did it! I wasn’t the fastest but guess what? I ended up not being the slowest either. It was a huge accomplishment with a 12:15 min mile average. Yes I will have 6 more miles on race day but I will also be running with a friend that will be going slower. And yes we will take that selfie at the waterfall! And who knows, I may even start writing that book!

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