My First Blog!

I have really over thought what I should say in my very first blog. What can I possibly say to attract readers? What would keep them coming back for more? What did I come up with? Honesty. Stories that people can relate to and maybe even get a few laughs. That’s my hope for this blog. I want the everyday person to gain something from my everyday life. And what does that consist of? A whole lot of running. Well not near as much as I wish I had time for but still more than some. I’ve have accomplished so much in the 3 years I’ve been running and met some amazing people. I’ve built confidence in myself and strength. And I want to encourage others to do the same. So I hope I can take some others with me on this exciting adventure of good days and bad, slow runs and fast and of course injuries. I want to share my hardships I’ve experienced and encourage others to keep moving forward even with setbacks. To never give up. And keep smiling. So please bare with me as this page is a work in progress. 💕


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